Bowie is a picture perfect creamy Labrador who has the energy of an exuberant toddler at Disney World! He is approximately 1-year old and weighs 85-90 lbs. He is a puppy in a hog dog’s body, who never had any obedience training and does not know his own strength. He is super sweet but also has a lot of energy and thinks nothing of  jumping up on you in a playful way. He is strong and will need to be redirected; but he has absolutely no aggression whatsoever.  Bowie has gotten along with all dogs he’s met while in our care!!  Also, he bonds to his humans incredibly fast and really loves his person hard.  Bowie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Bowie needs an active adult or couple who have the time and energy to train and love him.  He is a sweet beautiful boy who was very neglected in his last home, and then literally thrown out of a car on the Staten Island expressway! We are looking for humans who will love him and understand that Bowie is essentially a young pup in an adult dog’s body.  Bowie will make the most loyal, loving dog in the world to his family. He would benefit from some positive reinforcement training, but Bowie is smart, will learn quickly and his goal in life is to make his forever family happy! Apply today to give this sweet handsome boy a great life.

The adoption fee is $500.  We require a fully fenced yard and not an invisible fence, for the safety of the dog.