Jameson & Soshi

Jameson and Soshi are like two goofy cartoon characters, they are just happy!  While not biological siblings, these beautifully playful and fuzzy dogs are bonded for life. Their current home is very loving but due to a significant medical change within the human family they cannot keep them. These sweet dogs are house-trained, well-mannered and friendly. There may be some natural adjustment between homes but Soshi was overheard saying “as long as I get to be with my best friend Jameson, all is right with the world!” Whether they are romping with toys or sleeping smushed up together, making funny faces or looking at you with such sensitivity they seem almost human – Jameson and Soshi will have you smiling all day. These two are just all-around easygoing and fun to have in your home! 

Jameson is a beautiful, sweet, loyal boy who loves his sister, Soshi. He is a 2-year old, 55 lbs golden retriever/shepherd mix. Jameson is a very friendly guy who enjoys playing with his sister and other dogs and also loves his toys. Once he gets his energy out, he likes to relax and sleeps in all sorts of funny positions. Jameson especially loves snuggling with his sister and best friend, Soshi. He is an incredibly smart boy and his trainers said he has the potential to be a service dog. He is great with kids and house trained.

Soshi is the sweetest, calmest dog with great energy. She is a 1.5 years old, 30 lbs whippet.  Soshi loves to snuggle her humans and her best friend, Jameson. She makes the silliest faces and loves to play and run. She would be a great addition to any home. She’s so easy going but has a soulful, sensitive nature.  She is great with kids, very friendly and house trained.

Jameson and Soshi are not siblings but they are very bonded and need to stay together. They are both neutered and spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

The adoption fee is $500 for each dog.  We require a fully fenced yard and not an invisible fence, for the safety of the dogs.