If you are looking for a great companion for yourself and maybe the playful dog that already is a part of your family, Nico is for you! He was abandoned by humans but is still so loving.  After a great time playing outside he will be your ‘go-to’ guy for a relaxing cuddle on the couch. If he was a person, he’d be the friend who you send to the store for lightbulbs and he comes home also carrying chocolate cake because he thinks you deserve a treat. We all need a Nico in our life! Please fill out an application today. 

Nico is a stunning 10-month old, 63 lbs Black Lab / Shepherd mix. He is being fostered in Fairfield, Ct. His foster mom says: “Nico is a lovely, gentle soul. He’s affectionate, friendly, curious, playful and goofy. He loves to play and wrestle with other dogs for hours. Nico has a lot of energy so he needs a home with a young, playful dog.  He trots around the yard like a show horse. He loves everyone who walks through the door and doesn’t seem to jump – but winds and rubs through people’s legs like a cat and then collapses for a belly rub. He’s smart ..he learned sit in 5 minutes. He’s treat motivated so he’s very trainable. He wants to be with his human – always looking for me even when playing outside. Nico just wants to please. He loves to be held and lie on my lap. Nico is a big boy with big paws, soft silky coat, soulful eyes and the best ears. He got in my lap while I am writing this. It will be hard to let him go. ” Nico is vaccinated and microchipped.

The adoption fee is $500. We require a fully fenced yard and not an invisible fence.