Sometimes you meet a dog and you realize you’re actually meeting the reincarnation of an old, wise, enlightened soul in a dog’s body. That’s Xochitl (called Soshi for short)! She is a 16-week old, 8 lbs Chihuahua mix pup who is the most intelligent, playful, funny, and zen little puppy you’ll ever meet! We sometimes think she belongs in the circus, because she is able to climb the puppy gate and walk across it like a tightrope! She also uses her hands to communicate; if you feel a little paw batting your leg from the other side of the gate, it’s her. This, and the fact she loves to curl up in your lap like a cat, has earned her the nickname “Cat Dog”. She loves to play and explore, and sits like a little Buddha in your arms when you hold her. She’s sweet and expressive, and is very attentive. She is constantly watching what is going on and making the funniest faces. She is never afraid of new things, and is always one of the first to jump in to see what something is. She’s a hilarious little puppy with an unbeatable spirit who loves her siblings and also loves her alone time too. Soshi loves to lick her humans faces and ears, and loves sleeping in between their legs at the foot of the bed at night. She’s a wonderfully quiet dog who doesn’t bark the way most dogs do to get attention, when they hear a loud noise, or are excited. We never hear a peep out of her! Any family will be incredibly lucky to have her; she has a huge heart and mind! Soshi is vaccinated and microchipped.

The adoption fee is $675. We require adopters to have a fully fenced yard.