Cora is a 16-week old, 12 pound Rat Terrier/American Bull Terrier mix pup. She is so incredibly sweet, despite the fact that she endured cruelty and neglect on the streets of Tulum, Mexico. Her name is short for Corazon, which means “Heart” in Spanish, because she has the cutest black heart on her nose. She loves to be picked up and perch on her humans shoulder, and loves to snuggle her body right up next to theirs or even on top of their chest, when she sleeps in bed with them at night. Cora loves to play with her siblings, and snuggle up to them in bed (she sleeps through the night without any accidents). She is playful and expressive, and pounces around like a baby bunny. She isn’t afraid of anything and is always the first to try something new that is introduced to her and her siblings. Sensitive, perceptive and attentive, she’s super smart and pays attention to commands. Cora is long and lanky with the cutest ears and often looks like she has a smile on her face! She will bring joy and love to her new family, and they will be very luck y to have her! She is vaccinated and microchipped.

The adoption fee is $675. We require adopters to have a fully fenced yard.