Little Girl

LITTLE GIRL is a spunky and funny chihuahua mix who is about 12 years old.  She was adopted as a pup at less than a year old from a shelter by an elderly couple. Within the last nine months she has lost both of her parents. She is the sweetest little thing at 11.8 lbs; you would never know she is 12 years old. She is jumpy, so a quiet home would be best for her. She loves it when one of the other small dogs plays with her!  She loves to snuggle and burrow under the covers and makes a perfect sleeping partner any time of day.  She can be a little dominant at times but there have never been any problems with her.  She is a typical chihuahua with a touch of sweetness. 😂. Little Girl requires puppy pads.  She will go potty outside but will go inside too.  As long as a pad is out she will use it.  If she is taken out every hour or two, there likely wouldn’t be any problems.  Little Girl is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

The adoption fee is $275.  We require a fully fenced yard.  We do not adopt to homes with electric or invisible fences because they are not as safe for the dog.