Obie and Budgie

Obie and Budgie are 2 of the gorgeous pups we took in, who were saved from Tulum, Mexico.  They are 11-week old Shepherd/Lab mix brother and sister.  Their foster mom says, ” Obie (black) and Budgie (tan) are such sweet puppies.  Both love our dogs, kids, and are fine with our cats.  Budgie is super sweet and loving.  She loves being held, getting belly rubs, and giving kisses.  Obie is my big boy and is very sweet as well.  He’s so funny and goofy, and loves to chase his own tail.  Both are doing well with potty training.  They both love to lie in the sun and run around the yard.  They are very playful and affectionate little pups.   They are both vaccinated.

The adoption fee is $675 for each pup.  We require a fully fenced yard and not an invisible fence.