Buttercup and Shirley

Buttercup and Shirley are 2 sweet baby sisters that we rescued after they were found on a highway.  Sadly, their momma had been hit and killed by a car and they were lying beside her. The night we saved them we made a promise to their momma that her babies will always be safe and loved in her honor and memory.
These Shepherd/Lab mix girls are only 12 weeks old, so sweet and very bonded after losing their momma. So we want to keep them together and not traumatize them by separating them when they come north. That would be awfully sad for them.
Their foster mom says, “Buttercup & Shirley are the sweetest, smartest, most playful, & loving puppies. They adore each other & other dogs  and are equal parts adventurous & cuddly. These bonded pups are crate trained, sleep through the night, & although having two pups can sound like a daunting task, these angels make it easy!!!!  Shirley is a little firecracker and absolutely fearless, whereas Buttercup is a bit more timid. They both made themselves right at home!!  They are both vaccinated and microchipped.
The adoption fee is $675 for each pup.  We require a fully fenced yard.  We do not adopt to homes with electric or invisible fences because they are not as safe for the dog.