Budgie is one happy go lucky little lady.   She is a 9-week old, 7 lbs  Shepherd/Lab mix pup.  She loves to be held and is very trusting – she becomes a total mush in your arms and loves to be held on her back!  She actually wags her tail when she is on the table at the vet’s office.  She is relaxed and loving, and loves to play with her siblings but also loves snuggly one-on-one human time!  She is vocal and lets you know what she wants and is extremely intelligent.  She may love the water, as she often tries to swim in her water bowl.  Budgie  would be an amazing addition to any family.  She is inquisitive and loves to explore.  Budgie is vaccinated and microchipped.

The adoption fee is $800.  We require a fully fenced yard.  We do not adopt to homes with electric or invisible fences because they are not as safe for the dog.