Honey is a beautiful 2-year old, approximately 35 lbs terrier mix.  Honey has personality plus. She can sit, shake, fetch, give lots of kisses. She wants to be in your lap❤️she knows the word “No”!  She is very active and loves being with her humans. She is super affectionate – she will jump in your lap in 2 seconds and just start licking you all over.  She is a really smart dog, wants to please and is very trainable.  She is protective of her family and can be cautiously defensive around strangers.  She is very sweet and loving once she knows she can trust you – she loves to snuggle.  She is good with kids and even with babies, but is energetic so adult supervision is suggested.  She would make a great family dog for an active family who likes to go jogging, hiking etc.  She could play fetch all day – she actually gives it back to you!!  Honey is intimidated by bigger dogs, but not so much with small dogs.  Honey does not like cats and will chase them.  She does bark at strangers but will quiet down when told to.  She is vaccinated, housebroken and crate trained.

The adoption fee is $500.  We require a fully fenced yard.  We do not adopt to homes with electric or invisible fences because they are not as safe for the dog.