Molly is a sweet 4 1/2-month old hound mix. She is an affectionate, playful and happy girl. Her foster mom says, “Molly is a sweet girl who loves to follow you everywhere! She is learning to walk on a leash and does best when she is following our dog Abbie on her walk. She is definitely hound because her nose is always down! Typical puppy that likes to chew everything but we just distract with one of her toys and she is good! Some of her fav things are car rides, snuggling and chasing sticks. At meal time she sits quietly next to her bowl waiting for her food. She adores everyone she meets and LOVES to play with other dogs. We met some dogs at the beach and she loved it. She has been sleeping nicely in her crate at night. I do keep it near me in my bedroom so she sees us. She sits at the back door when she needs to go out or starts sniffing around. She’s a total love”

The adoption fee is $800. We require a fully fenced yard. We do not adopt to homes with an invisible or electric fence because it is not as safe for the dog.