Chase is the sweetest 10-month old, 35lb pitty mix!  Chase is a tripod but it doesn’t affect him at all!!  He’s such a happy boy!  He loves his humans so much that his furever  home must be with someone who is home for the majority of the day and will bring him everywhere they go!  He likes going to stores and meeting new people.  If they do not acknowledge him, he will persist until they give him attention! Chase gives lots and lots of kisses, he loves his toys and his treats.  He likes car rides and going for walks, yes he hobbles well!  He is a master snuggler at night.  He MUST be able to sleep in your bed with you.  This is his biggest request – you will not go to sleep until you pick him up and put him on the bed with you.  He likes to snuggle close and rest his head on you.  He is a sleepy head and will sleep all morning.  When he’s ready to go out he will get up and bark for you to get him off the bed.  Chase HATES his crate.  Being separated from his humans makes him sad and he will cry.  He would love another friendly dog to play with.  He will only occasionally chew on things, and his potty accidents are very few and far between.  If you keep him on his potty schedule, he’s great!!  He never has accidents at night because he’s too busy snuggling. Chase doesn’t mind getting his nails trimmed and he LOVES his belly rubs!!  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

The adoption fee is $500.  We require a fully fenced yard.  We do not adopt to homes with an electric or invisible fence because it is not as safe for the dog.