Tippy and Daisy

Tippy and Daisy are bonded 12- month old Lab mix sisters!!!  They do literally everything together as you can see from the pictures!  They are the cutest little girls and seeing how much they love each other is so heartwarming!

Tippy is a super energetic and playful pup. Her mommy says she is the an all-star at playing catch.  She loves everything outdoors, running all over the yard.  She is the best greeter when you come home. She is the first one in line to give her love.  Your feet are her comfort zone , while cooking or just sitting in a chair.  She does everything at 100%.  She loves other dogs and cats if they let her.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, and only knowing her current family, she is leery of outside people. She is a guardian of her people and her area. She is an alpha personality if she is allowed.  She will need patience and time at the beginning to acclimate to her surroundings, but then will be the best companion for any family.

Daisy is a loving and playful lab mix . She loves to snuggle and and lie with her humans. She can’t help but want to love on her people, other dogs and even the cats if they let her. She is a big bone/toy chewer. Hard bones and Kong toys are her favorite.  She loves to run out side with other dogs and play. Unfortunately with the COVID pandemic, and not knowing anyone except her family, she is leery of outside people and takes time and patience to warm up.  She is a lover and protector of her people and will make a welcome addition to any household.

Their adoption fee is $500 each.  We require adopters to have a fully fenced backyard.  We don’t adopt to homes with invisible or electric fence because it’s not as safe for the dog.