Henry & Herbie

Meet our beautiful bonded brothers Henry & Herbie. These 2 handsome boys are 10-11 month old, 55lbs shepherd mixes who are still very much puppies. Henry has the darker coat and is the shyer of the two but deep down he is really longing for love. He takes time to come around but once he trusts you, he would like nothing more than to play ball with you and get ear rubs afterward. Henry’s absolute favorite thing is playing ball, even when he is tired, he can’t help but go after a ball. He is fast and is agile and agility obstacles may help him build more confidence which is something he is working on in his foster home.
Herbie is a big love bug who is more accepting of new people at first than his brother & once he is comfortable he has no problem being a nudge to get attention. He also loves belly rubs!  He isn’t as athletic as Henry but he definitely likes to be stimulated mentally and can get bored without proper stimulation. They are high energy young dogs who need patience and someone who is dog savvy and able to give them a lot of exercise. While at times they are a bit timid, they truly desire affection and have perfected the nose bump to get pets! These boys need a person/family who has experience and is familiar with shy, timid dogs. They love other dogs so would benefit most from having either a dog savvy patient person and/or a well adjusted friendly dog as a role model. Their foster home has dogs who they get along with really well and also a cat who they are curious but respectful of. They are crate trained and are comfortable with their crates. They are doing well with going potty outside. They were pad trained but rarely use them anymore (only when it’s raining) They are working on being comfortable on a leash and know sit, paw and down. As they are still learning to trust people, we feel young children would not be ideal for them. They would make a wonderful addition to a couple or family with savvy experienced humans over the age of 15.

The adoption fee is $450 each, which includes age appropriate shots, neuter (they have not been neutered yet), and microchip.  We require a fully fenced in yard and not an invisible fence.