Henry & Herbie

Herbie and Henry are approx 2 year old, 60 lbs shepherd hound brothers. They’re housetrained, know basic commands: sit, stay, come and will wait for permission before eating. They need lots of exercise daily (and not in a dog run or park with other dogs), they are NOT couch potatoes so they need a home with a big fenced backyard and active engaged savvy dog humans would be ideal. They’ve had a long journey; they were almost feral when we took them in as young pups.
Their foster mom says : “The boys are completely housebroken. They follow basic commands; sit, stay, come. The will sit and await permission before eating. They love walks and require a lot of exercise, I usually walk them about 4 miles a day.  The are affectionate in their way. They don’t give kisses but will put their noses right in your face and just stay there! They also put their heads in your lap or push them into your hand when looking for attention. They are scared of getting in and riding in the car. I was paying someone to drive them to McDonalds twice a week to get burgers hoping to make them a little more excited about getting in the car but I couldn’t afford to continue doing that. They are more comfortable with women but do warm up to men given a bit of time.”
These boys need a home with no other dogs, cats, or young kids.  This is a chance for humans who don’t expect dogs to be perfect and want to give a much needed home to two bonded brothers and continue helping them grow and learn.
The adoption fee is $500 each, which includes age appropriate shots, neuter (they have not been neutered yet), and microchip. We require a fully fenced in yard and not an invisible fence.