Henry and Herbie

Remember Herbie and Henry!? They are siblings of Alana, Alexa, Callie and Harley. We rescued these pups when they were found feral at two months old. Sadly they clearly never knew human touch let alone love. Herbie, Henry and Callie were the 3 pups most terrified of human touch and not at all adoptable. So we sent them to a board and train expert, Jeff Coltenback, who has done wonders with them down south the last few months.

Herbie and Henry now need a special foster or adopter! We can bring them north as early as this Friday but need an experienced, committed and savvy foster or adopter!
They’re almost 6 months old, handsome shepherd mixes. Our trainer Jeff says:
“Herbie will adjust well. Henry will adjust but will take time. Henry may be standoffish to strangers for a long time. Other dogs in household will be good for both. If you find someone to foster both, Henry will benefit from that. Both are crate trained – go in on command. They sit, down, and come (but Henry just comes close enough to get a treat). Both have been introduced to the leash. Herbie is much better. Henry will freak out at first, but will adjust with trusted handler.
Henry accepts petting once you grab his collar. He’ll settle in for petting. Herbie is an attention whore. Lol. Both are sweet. Despite Henry’s aloofness, he does interact and play… He muzzle bumps to play… “
If you are interested in adopting Herbie or Henry please apply on our website. The adoption fee is $450 for each dog, which includes age appropriate shots, neuter, and microchip. Please note that Herbie and Henry are looking for a home with NO YOUNG KIDS, they REQUIRE a fenced in back yard, and there must be another dog in their forever home. Adopting Herbie or Henry comes with lifelong support from their trainer. Please message us with any questions.