George MUST have a FULLY SECURE MINIMUM 6 FT FENCED PROPERTY!! He’s an escape artist!! Gorgeous George is a one year old, 47 lbs English Pointer mix. He is extremely affectionate and friendly. George is house trained and knows basic commands like Sit, Down and as of recent, Paw! He’s a sweet, wiggly, lovable, pup who gets along very well with dogs, people, children, and even cats. He is a bird dog at heart and an energetic puppy. His one eye makes him that much more adorable and gorgeous, it does not make him shy! He loves to go for walks, go “hunting” (in his mind), run around the yard and dog park. In the evenings like a good boy he puts himself to bed. He needs a secure environment that will allow him to run and explore, and since he is very smart, it needs to be escape proof! A fence in the yard is a MUST. He is not suited for an apartment. Gorgeous George is a playful goofball who needs lots of love. The adoption fee is $450, which includes age appropriate shots, neuter and microchip. We require a fully fenced in yard and not an invisible fence.