I’m. Suzy!  I am 14 weeks old and I’m very clever.  I’ve used my time wisely to learn my name ( you can change it, I’m a quick study!)sit upon request, and look into my foster mom’s eyes when she says “Look!”. I am very pleased to tell you I am also potty trained.  

My foster mom thinks I have soulful eyes and a sense of humor. She caught me playing hide-and-seek with my sister Sam(antha) and laughed so hard she almost gave my hiding place away. (I had to give her a stern look.) She adores me, (well, it’s impossible not to, I’m very affectionate) but being a young Springer Spaniel /Lab mix, I have a lot of energy.  I call it exuberance.  She however (you didn’t hear it from me) is getting on in years, and knows I need a more youthful family. Meanwhile, she is happy to foster me and continue to teach me useful stuff till the family that will be mine forever comes for me. I just wanna add, I have that great puppy smell!