I’m Sami, short for Samantha!  I am fourteen weeks old and staying with the same foster mom as my sister Suzy.  I am considered The Thoughtful One. My foster mom sometimes looks at me and says What are you thinking about, little Sam? Usually I’m thinking about food. Or how to ambush my sister Suzy out in the garden. But I’ve developed this expression that looks like I’m thinking about world peace which always get a cuddle. I like to run!  We have a big fenced-in garden out back right now where I can feel like I’m in the wide open spaces where dogs are dogs!  I have energy and curiosity to spare. Every week a nice British lady has come for 90 minutes to train us. He name is Nikki and we call her She Who Must Be Obeyed. She loves puppies though and speaks with a soft voice.  We know how to sit and look in a person’s eyes when asked. She is visiting us again right after Christmas so, as Nikki says, we will be properly trained young pooches when our forever families come for us.  (It goes without saying that I too am house trained and have that great puppy smell!)

The adoption fee is $600, which includes age appropriate shots, spay and microchip. We require a fully fenced in yard and not an invisible fence.