I’m Jasmine! 💜 A 12 week old 21 pound yellow lab mix pup. 💕 I am a great puppy just a little on the shy side because I was picked on by one of my siblings. But I love my sister Jade and follow her around because she makes me feel safe and loved. I would be sad and confused to be separated from my sister so my ideal home would be with Jade.  We both love other dogs and don’t mind cats or chickens! The crazy chickens always try to play with me when I’m outside but they don’t bother me at all! 😂 I behave really well when it’s time to go in my crate and I have learned that when i come out of my crate it’s time to go outside and potty! We would love a family to call our own! 

Our adoption fee is $600 each, which includes age appropriate shots, spays, and microchips. We require a fully fenced in yard and not an invisible fence.