IMG_8406IMG_8175IMG_8176IMG_8177IMG_8178IMG_8179Sasquatch is a 4 ½ year old Newfoundland. He weighs 140lbs. He is a loving and very loyal family member. He loves to play ball, swim, hang out in the shade or in the snow,  snuggle on the couch and basically be wherever his family is. Like a typical Newfoundland, he is very protective of his family. Sasquatch would do best as your only fur child. He has a prey drive and chases squirrels (like every other dog!) but he doesn’t do well around small dogs and he’s bossy with other male dogs. He loves kids but due to his protective nature he would do best with either no young children or kids over 12 years old.    Sasquatch is neutered and up to date on vaccines. We require a fully fenced yard and not invisible fence.

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