IMG_7449 IMG_7450 IMG_7452 IMG_7453Attention all snaggle-tooth lovers! Meet Eddie, a creamy sweet dessert of a dog! This 5 year old 12 lbs Brussels Griffon mix is ridiculously easy to love with his funny little face and floppy piglet ears!This non-shedding, scruffy-haired dude is great with other dogs, a sugar plum with everyone he meets, and rarely barks. He is happy, playful, alert, calm, affectionate, loves giving kisses and is so limber, you might think he’s part leopard!Eddie has the perfect balance of energy – – totally chill when you need him to be, but down for fun and games whenever.
He is a people-oriented pooch and likes to keep tabs on his humans’ whereabouts – – but not in a clingy, space-invader sort of way! He’s confident and well-balanced, just like any ideal boyfriend should be! This merry munchkin gets bonus points for being reliably housebroken, lovely on a leash and eating literally anything you put in front of his cute little button-nose! Nom nom nom!Eddie is  neutered and up-to-date with age-appropriate vaccines.   His adoption fee is $400. We require a fully fenced in yard and not invisible fence.To adopt this angel, please submit an application.

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