Mackenzie and Murphy

IMG_8045MACKENZIE and MURPHY are looking for a new home for their Irish Pub. Alright, you got us- no pub- BUT these sweet and lovely sisters are in search of a new home to rest their precious paws. These girls have been together since the beginning- they do everything together. Like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen- only without their Full House. So let’s find them their own Uncle Jesse! These gorgeous and housetrained husky mixes are 4 years old. MACKENZIE is 45 pounds and MURPHY is 60 pounds (she’s comfortable with her weight though and doesn’t compare herself to her sister). These girls have a ton of energy and absolutely love to run and play with each other. They also get along very well with the kids in their lives and other pups. Of course they are very smart- and could use your help learning how to walk nicely on a leash. These girls are also part monkey- MACKENZIE has been known to climb a 4 foot fence while her sister MURPHY can do some serious digging! All they need is exercise, lots of playtime and lots of love and you won’t find two better companions. These 2 girls are truly special and need to find their Full House together. Both are spayed and up to date on age appropriate shots. Their adoption fee is $375 per dog. We require a fully fenced in yard- in their case a 6 foot fence- not invisible fence.